How to Create Your Own Wildflower Meadow

It's as Simple as "Plan, Plant, Grow!" One of the best things about wildflowers is how easy they are to grow! We've outlined our easy planting steps for you and if you're looking for more in-depth instructions on soil preparation, when to plant and more, please read our article.

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Fall is for Planting!

At American Meadows our gardening experts are here to help you create a beautiful, successful garden by helping you choose the right plants. We’ve made it easy by categorizing our perennials and flower bulbs by growing condition to make sure you succeed.

There are a variety of reasons why fall is an amazing time to garden. The cool, crisp weather is wonderful to work in, it extends your gardening season significantly and many bulbs and plants prefer being planted in the fall.

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In Your Words:

Can I just say I love your all's website? It's more than just flowers, bulbs, etc. for sale-- there is a wealth of information and interesting fact and folklore on there. It's like reading a good book! I just want to say Thank You so much.

Fran, Kentucky

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About American Meadows

Our approach is simple ‐ for years we have offered gardeners only the best wildflower seeds, flower bulbs, perennial plants and flowers, vegetable seeds and flower seed packets ‐ the ones we grow in our own gardens. We stand ready to help you grow with confidence!

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