Coupon Codes and Special Deals

For the latest in American Meadows coupons and special offers, refer to this page regularly. We update our coupon codes as new promotions become available and indicate when these offers will expire. Although there are many coupon websites, this is the only site that lists official American Meadows coupons and discounts. We have no control over what other sites may list – always check here for the latest offers from American Meadows!


SAVE216 Save $5 off any order of $40 or more. Expires on 02/29/2016
DAHLIAS16 Free Dahlia Mix with any spring-planted bulb order of $30 or more. Expires 03/31/2016
GLADIOLUS16 Free Gladiolus Mix with any spring-planted bulb order of $30 or more. Expires 03/31/2016
SEEDSPREADER16 Free Seed spreader with any seed merchandize order of $50 or more. Does not include shipping. Expires on 07/31/2016

Special Deals

Special Deals

Seeds on Sale

Each week, the Seed Man chooses some of his favorite wildflowers to go on sale for a limited time. View our latest seeds on sale here.

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Special Deals

Save 50% on Fall-Planted Bulbs

Over 100 fall bulbs choices - choose from daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, allium, and more. Plant them this fall & you'll have beautiful blooms in the spring.

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Special Deals

Save 50% on Spring-Planted Bulbs

Hundreds of spring-planted favorites, like gladiolus, dahlias, elephant ears, callas and many more. Plant them this spring for beautiful summer blooms.

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Special Deals

Save up to 50% on Amaryllis

Get yours for a spectacular show this winter. Buy any of our bulbs & use your own pot, or try one of our growing kits.

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