Woodland Wildflowers, Trees & Shrubs

whitetrilliumprofile.jpgThis is the time of year any gardener who's familiar with the native woodland flowers starts dreaming about spring.  For over 20 years in Vermont, we tended a 2-acre woodland garden, and this flower, The Great White Trillium, was the mainstay of our bloom.  You can have a look at our own woodland wildflower garden here.  In any case, we never sold these plants until we found a really good certified source a couple of years ago in North Carolina.  And this year, for the first time, we're offering them in spring. Several trilliums, violets, cardinal flower and more will begin shipping from our NC nursery in March.  All are nursery-propagated, and this spring, the group also includes flowering shrubs and trees.  That means native rhododendron, mountain laurel, plus more common yard favorites like forsythia and lilacs. Then there are young trees (2-3 yrs. old) from maples to the magnificent magnolias, including, of course, native dogwood, redbud and witch hazel.  So if you're dreaming about that shady spot in your yard, or if you have woods, we're delighted to bring you the stars of woodland gardening--the precious native wildflowers of the North American woods, plus the native shrubs and trees to go with them.  All our woodland plants are priced the same, all each 4.95.

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