To a gardener Labor Day isn't the last day of summer.

2It's the first day of  Spring!

Nice cool days. Beautiful leaves.  To a gardener, it's always the golden opportunity to begin planning an even better season next year.  From now on, we all have a few delicious weeks to put in seed and bulbs to create an almost automatic spectacle for next spring and summer.  Yes, fall is the preferred time for planting wildflower seeds to many experts...after all, nature plants seeds in the fall.  MM_Scott4And no good gardener lets fall go by without putting at least a few tulips, daffodils and lilies into the ground.

Several years ago, we at American Meadows came up with a new product that combines the two--wildflower seeds and daffodils--into one simple fall project.  If you buy the combo, (50 golden daffodils plus a pound of seed for your region) it's not only bargain priced, but you have just one simple project to have it all.----pick the spot, bare the soil, stick in the daffodils, overseed the wildflowers, and you're done.  The photos above show you how it will look in spring--Dutch Master daffodils first, and then when they're gone, your wildflowers in early summer.  A couple of hours work now gives you thousands of flowers once winter is gone.

It's really simple.  Your daffodils will bloom before your wildflowers, and while they're blooming, your wildflower seeds will sprout and make a handsome green carpet beneath them.  Then in a few weeks, the wildflowers will be taller and cover the dying daffodil foliage, which means another problem is solved. 

Our Daffodil and Wildflower Combo Gardens are just $46.45 right now, the best fall bargain out there.  And of course, while you on the site, enjoy the big savings on all fall bulbs.  Our Advance Sale is in its last days, but right now you'll still save big on everything---Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Lilies, Crocus, and all the others.

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