Tips for Best Success with Dry Area Plantings

Dry Area Mix

When it comes to soil conditions, wildflowers tend not to be too picky. They can thrive and are adaptable to a number of different conditions and pH levels for that matter. We have a lot of customers that live in coastal areas such as Cape Cod, the Carolina’s or the shores of California that are dealing with
very airy, well drained soils. These are ideal growing conditions for our Dry Area Wildflower Mix. We formulated this mix with a nice combination of annual and perennial wildflowers that adapt to very well drained, silt based soil.

“Used over sandy septic area and adjoining field. Attractive from May through October. Astounding mix of color.” – Ninos – Pacific Northwest

You may find sandy soil conditions to also be on the acidic side with pH levels below 7. I wouldn’t get too caught up in this number. Wildflowers are adaptable to such a wide range of pH levels, unlike other flowers, that we don’t want to focus on this too much. Again using a simple “observation” of the current growing conditions can tell you a lot. If you do decide to test the pH level of your soil, the ideal conditions would be a number between 5 (acidic) and 9 (alkaline) with 7 being neutral.

We can’t force the hand of Mother Nature and we need to be realistic in our expectations. If your soil is currently supporting limited growth you will most likely need to engage in some amount of amendment if you want to be successful. You may want try a small test garden before spending the time and money on a larger wildflower installation. We want to make sure that your expectations are properly set and that you’ll have a meadow that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!

~ The Seed Man

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