Lavender: A Treat for the Senses

Who doesn’t love the fresh, comforting scent of lavender? Either freshly picked from the garden, or dried to make potpourri, lavender is a wonderful flower that is extremely easy to grow. Whether you have an expansive garden, or are gardening in containers on your balcony, most can grow lavender for heavenly fragrance in the summer months. A Field of Lavender

Lavender Hidcote


For those looking to create a bright, fragrant meadow of lavender, there are several options for planting. Plant Lavender Hyssop seeds for their distinct licorice taste and spectacular lavender blooms and scent. If you are looking for an already established plant to create your field of lavender, try these favorites: Lavender Munstead, Ellagance Purple, Hidcote, or Jean Davis. For a particularly strong lavender scent, try our new Violet Intrique. It has higher oil content, therefore emitting a stronger scent. Pots of Lavender
Lavender Anouk


Those with limited garden space, or gardening in containers, may not realize that they have plenty of room to grow their own lavender plant. Try planting our new Lavender Anouk in a container, in a sunny area, for lovely, purple blooms and the classic lavender scent. For a more unique twist on the classic purple lavender, plant Ellagance Ice in a container for bright, icy-white blooms and wonderful fragrance. Lavender’s elegance and fragrance in the garden, as well as its many uses once cut, makes it a classic garden favorite. If you don’t grow lavender already, try it this spring. If you have existing lavender in your garden, plant one of our new varieties or simply expand the heavenly scent in your garden. You will thank yourself in the summer months, when your senses are overcome with beautiful blooms and fragrance. Happy Gardening!

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