Think Spring: Vigorous Vines

Vines can quickly become the focal point of any garden – Plant them to grow up an arbor, wind around a trellis, or even train them to grow up the walls of your home or shed. Their vigorous growth and beautiful blooms make them a popular staple for both big and small space gardens.


Clematis JackmaniiClematis, often called the “Queen of Vines,” are perfect for planting to grow up your mailbox, trellis, or porch. Their unique, colorful blooms will bring the eye upwards and create a dynamic element to your garden. Try planting the famous Jackmanii, pure red Ernest Markham, bi-color Nelly Moser, snow white Henryi, unique My Angel, or others. You will be delighted at how quickly and easily they grow, as well as their stunning, long-lasting show in summer through fall.

Hydrangea Vine

Hydrangea VineHydrangea Vines are famous for climbing on masonry walls. They can reach heights of up to seven feet and will attach to most structures – Make sure to plant a Hydrangea Vine to climb on a sturdy, sound wall. The gorgeous, white clusters of flowers will illuminate the garden and also attract beautiful winged wildlife.

Honeysuckle Vines

HoneysuckleHoneysuckle Vines are famous for attracting much-loved Hummingbirds to the garden. Honeysuckle also blooms from summer into fall, when much of the garden has finished for the season. Try planting the true red Major Wheeler, the unique, orange-pink Mandarin, or the favorite Dropmore Scarlet.

Trumpet Vine

Trumpet VinePlant Trumpet Vine where it has plenty of room to grow! It can reach heights of up to 30 feet and is perfect for covering arbors, fences, and walls. Its vibrant blooms will also attract Hummingbirds to your garden.

Passion Flower Vine

Passion Flower VineThis exotic vine is world-famous for its winding vines and stunning, unique flowers. It is a rapid grower and a prolific bloomer – Passion Flower's bi-color blooms are a lovely white with vivid blue accents.

Try adding height and dimension to your garden this spring by planting vines. Their gorgeous blooms and dramatic growth will become a focal point of your garden – large or small!

Happy Gardening!

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