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5 Reasons to Plant Lilies

1. Their blooms are wonderfully-fragrant. Lilies are famous for their sweet scent and we recommend planting several fragrant varieties together for a summer garden enveloped in their sweet smell.

2. They make great cut flowers. What could be better than a hand-picked Lily bouquet from your own garden? Save money and plant enough Lily bulbs to make a bouquet for your loved-ones or friends!

3. Lilies are fabulously-easy to grow. They will thrive in full sun all the way to half sun/half shade and are easy to grow, adapting to many soil types. Today's favorites are no more work than growing a tulip or daffodil bulb!

4. They take up little ground space and come back year after year.  Since they are upright and take practically no space at ground level, it's easy to plant Lilies between other established perennials and shrubs. Lilies are perennial bulbs, meaning they will find a home in your garden and delight you with fragrant blooms each summer.

5. Over 35 varieties to choose from. We are excited to be carrying over 35 different varieties of Lilies in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Choose from our selection of Oriental, Asiatic, Tiger, Trumpet and Wild Lilies. There is sure to be one you fall in love with!

This season, whether you are creating a whole new bed of Lilies or simply tucking a few bulbs among your existing perennials, get creative and plant a variety you may never have heard of before!

Happy Gardening!

One thought on “5 Reasons to Plant Lilies”

  • Terry aka Great Growing

    I enjoy Lilies because once you plant the bulbs they are pretty much maintenance free. They really do put off a beautiful show from spring to fall if planted at different intervals. Such a wonderful smell once flowered.

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