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Growing Elephant Ears

Elephant Ear Mojito Elephant Ear Mojito

Elephant Ears are a gardeners’ dream; Huge, unique foliage adds drama to the garden and containers in the summer months. Native to tropical Asia, Elephant Ears thrive in full sunlight, heat and moist areas. They are happiest in damp soil, including low-lying areas where rainwater collects.

If you want to enjoy the huge, vibrant leaves of Elephant Ears in the garden all summer long, plant bulbs once the chance of frost has passed and the weather has warmed significantly. Most varieties enjoy full sun, but if you’re in a particularly hot and dry area, try planting Elephant Ear Bulbs in partial shade. Water consistently; keeping the soil moist and adding fertilizer monthly will create larger, fuller leaves and a bigger statement in the garden.

Plant these foliage favorites in areas that are consistently damp. If you want to create a huge statement on a patio, balcony, or in window boxes, plant Elephant Ears in large containers. Growing tip: Plant smaller annuals such as Petunias and Marigolds in the containers with your Elephant Ears. This helps to fill in around the bare stalks in the lower part of the container, as well as add a splash of color.

Elephant Ear Imperial Taro Elephant Ear Imperial Taro

In hardiness zones seven and up, foliage will die back in the fall and bulbs will return year after year. If you’re in an area that gets a hard frost, save bulbs and re-plant each year by digging them up before the first frost. Remove soil from the roots and place roots in a cool, dry area to dry out for about a week.

Elephant Ear Black Magic Elephant Ear Black Magic

Then, place in a cardboard box or paper bag and store in a cool area (that doesn’t freeze) for the winter. Plant again in the early spring once the danger of frost has passed.

We carry ten unique varieties of Elephant Ear Bulbs for spring planting, many of which you won’t find in the big box stores. Add versatility and unique foliage to your summer garden this year with these tropical beauties.

3 thoughts on “Growing Elephant Ears”

  • Alta Stever

    Would love to get a catalogue of these and where to order

  • Lourdy

    We recently moved to Florida and want to know if I can grown elephant ear plants all year long here. I grew them in Maryland however not sure what bulbs will grow here all year. I want to know before I order a bunch of them .
    Thank you very much !

    • Amanda

      Hi Lourdy - Thanks for the question! Yes, Elephant Ears are hardy in warmer climates, so they should do fine all year long in Florida. We love these massive beauties! You can learn more here:



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