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Best Wildflowers For Attracting Monarchs To The Garden


Who doesn’t love a visit to the garden from a colorful Monarch? These creatures not only provide amusement for the gardener, but also offer essential pollination to the garden and ecosystem. We’ve put together the best wildflower varieties for attracting (and feeding) Monarchs in the garden all season long.


Milkweed is commonly associated with Monarch butterflies and it sure is a magnet for these species! Try planting Butterfly Weed, Common Milkweed, Whorled Milkweed or Swamp Milkweed this fall for a butterfly buffet in your garden next season. Shop all varieties of Milkweed for fall planting here.

Learn all about growing Milkweed in our blog here.

Joe Pye Weed

Growing as tall as 5 or even 6 ft., Joe Pye Weed blooms with big hydrangea-like lavender blooms on the top of strong stems in the late summer into fall. Usually seen wild on the East Coast, this Monarch favorite loves sunny, wet spots in the garden.

Stiff Goldenrod

This native perennial is easy to grow and adaptable, illuminating the late season garden. The colorful, bright yellow blooms are magnets for butterflies, especially Monarchs.



Zinnia seeds are some of the easiest to grow, coming up and blooming in the first season in almost any garden. Monarchs love these colorful flowers because they bloom all season long, offering an abundance of pollen.

Sulphur Cosmos

Sulphur Cosmos are another variety that blooms all season long, giving Monarchs a known spot to come for food. These Cosmos are extremely easy to grow and come in shades of yellow and orange.


Sweet Alyssum

Looking for quick, easy color in your garden? Sweet Alyssum is an easy-to-grow annual that blooms in just weeks, attracting butterflies to and from the garden all season long.

Indian Blanket

This native wildflower creates a fields of flaming red in the plains and desert states, but will also grow nicely in any sunny spot.

Can’t decide which Monarch attracting varieties to plant in your garden this season? Try our new Perennial Monarch Collection and Annual Monarch Collection.

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