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  • Save 50% on All Fall-Planted Bulbs for Fall Delivery

  • Your Success GuaranteedEverybody knows Crocus flower bulbs signal spring, and lead the bloom parade. They're famous for planting in the lawn or naturalizing anywhere you want their bright, early color. Best of all, they're inexpensive and small, so they're a snap to plant. Be sure you buy enough for a big splash next spring.


    There are two kinds: The famous hybrids of one species C. vernus, commonly called "Dutch Crocus," and then all the others, collectively called "Species," Snow Crocus, or "Wild" Crocus. Species Crocus are the earliest, and we always have a wide selection of their unusual colors. Dutch Crocus are the most common and have the larger, familiar flowers. If you plant both types, you'll have a much longer season of bloom, and a fascinating rainbow of unique colors and forms. Fact is, nothing's easier than planting a dependably, perennial splash of crocus color--and it'll be there for you, bigger and better every year. 


    We also carry Fall-Flowering Crocus that will ship in August and flower this fall.

Crocus Flower Bulbs

Herald spring with a carpet of color.

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  1. Dutch Crocus Bulbs Mix

    This is the classic large flowering crocus mix. It gives you purple, yellow, white and striped bicolor blooms. (Crocus vernus and Crocus flavus)
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    Item #: 7MIBUG

    As Low As $14.48

    Per Bag of 50

  2. Wild Crocus or Snow Crocus Bulbs Mix

    This mix of purple, white and yellow Crocus will pop up in early spring through the snow. When this mix starts blooming you'll know spring is here.
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    Item #: 9MIBU30

    SALE: $13.95 $6.98

    Per Bag of 30

    $0.23 / Per Bulb

  3. Dutch Crocus Bulbs Yellow Mammouth

    These are the much loved large flowering crocus with the glowing butter yellow shine. Plant in large groups for spectacular color. (Crocus flavus)
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    Item #: 54MIBU20

    SALE: $15.95 $7.98

    Per Bag of 20

    $0.40 / Per Bulb

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3 Item(s)

We’re sorry, but the following items are currently unavailable

The following items are either out of season or we’ve sold out of our inventory. Please feel free to browse our selection and Sign Up for our Newsletter to be notified when these products are available for next season! We often have similar items available, so please utilize our search or filters (on the left) to explore other options. Or, call us at 877-309-7333 for help.


Shipping Information:

- Bearded Iris and Fall Flowering Crocus & Colchicums start shipping in August and are shipped throughout the fall planting season.

- Fall-planted bulbs will start shipping in early September, coldest regions first, and we continue to ship throughout the fall planting season.

- Amaryllis and Paperwhites start shipping in the middle of October and are shipped throughout the holiday season.

See our Shipping Details page for more information.

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