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Our most popular fall-planted bulbs

Your Success Guaranteed Can’t decide what to plant? We have put together a collection of our most asked-for and popular fall bulbs. These bulbs have proven their success with our customers and we wanted to put them all in one place for you to find.
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  1. Dutch Iris Bulbs Mix

    This brilliant color mixture looks great in almost any landscape. Long lasting vibrant flowers appear in late spring. Excellent cut flowers and a snap to grow. (Iris hollandica)
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    Item #: 19MIBU40

    SALE: $20.95 $10.48

    Per Bag of 40

    $0.26 / Per Bulb

  2. Allium Bulbs Globe Master

    A big favorite from coast to coast. Each globe of flowers is up to 8 inches across! The purple flowers appear in early summer.
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    Item #: 30MIBUG
    Starting at $17.95 SALE: $8.98
  3. Allium Bulbs Gladiator

    Gladiator Allium create a whimsical, dramatic statement with perfect, globe shaped flowers in a rich purple. Their large blooms are beautiful both in the garden and cut for bouquets.
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    Item #: 65MIBU2

    SALE: $17.95 $8.98

    Per Bag of 2

    $4.49 / Per Bulb

  4. Allium Bulbs Purple Sensation

    Allium Purple Sensation or Persian Onion is a big favorite, with purple globe flowers about 4 inches across. (Allium aflatunense)
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    Item #: 29MIBU10

    SALE: $15.95 $7.98

    Per Bag of 10

    $0.80 / Per Bulb

  5. Double Late Tulip Bulbs Angelique

    Angelique is the most popular Double Tulip. It has fully double soft pink flowers that resemble a peony. The large blooms are sweetly fragrant.
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    Item #: 27TULG
    Starting at $13.95 SALE: $6.98
  6. Dutch Iris Bulbs Sapphire Beauty

    Sapphire Beauty is the classic purple with rosy tones in the petals. Brilliant yellow flame in the falls. (Iris hollandica)
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    Item #: 58MIBU20

    SALE: $13.95 $6.98

    Per Bag of 20

    $0.35 / Per Bulb

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6 Item(s)