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New Fall Bulbs

Your Success GuaranteedLooking for a unique addition to your garden? We are excited to be carrying over 20 new fall-planted bulbs for 2013. Wow your neighbors with something completely different or try a twist on one of the classic favorites. We make it easy – select from all of our new fall bulbs below.
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  1. Allium Bulbs Purple Blend Mix

    Create a unique statement in your garden with the Allium Purple Blend Mix. Large, globe-shaped blooms flower in all shades of purple and are deer-resistant, making this mix a must-have for any early summer garden. Mix includes 5 Allium Graceful and 25 Purple Sensation.
    More Details
    Item #: AFB6N30

    SALE: $44.95 $29.22

    Per Bag of 30

    $0.97 / Per Bulb

  2. Daffodil Bulbs All in One Mix

    Love the bright, dependable color that Daffodils bring to the garden year after year but can’t decide which varieties to plant? Our Daffodil All in One Mix is the perfect choice for you! Like all Daffodils, this mixture is deer resistant and extremely easy to grow.
    More Details
    Item #: AFB4N20

    As Low As $28.95

    Per Bag of 20

    $1.45 / Per Bulb

  3. Red Spider Lily

    This bold, summer-blooming beauty is a true conversation piece in the garden. Unique, textured blooms are deer resistant and sweetly fragrant.
    More Details
    Item #: AFB1N01

    SALE: $11.95 $8.97

    Per Bag of 1

  4. Hyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue Mix

    Love the cool, dramatic look that blue blooms bring to the garden? Our Hyacinth Delft Blue Mix is perfect for you! Coming in all shades of blue, this mixture brings beauty and sweet fragrance to the spring garden. Be sure to plant extra for bouquets.
    More Details
    Item #: AFB7N06

    As Low As $13.95

    Per Bag of 6

    $2.32 / Per Bulb

  5. German Extra Hardy Softneck Garlic

    A larger variety of garlic, Extra Hardy Softneck produces a milder taste and often can have purple on the outer bulb. This variety is GMO free and tasty in any culinary dish.
    More Details
    Item #: AFB8P02

    SALE: $13.95 $6.98

    Per Bag of 2

    $3.49 / Per Bulb

  6. Daffodil Bulbs Sweet Love

    Elegant, pure white petals are offset by a gorgeous, golden-yellow cup. Sweet Love is a must-have for any Daffodil lover and makes for cheerful spring bouquets.
    More Details
    Item #: AFB5N08

    SALE: $13.95 $9.07

    Per Bag of 8

    $1.13 / Per Bulb

  7. Wild Crocus Bulbs Orange Monarch

    Getting its name from gorgeous, bi-colored orange and near-black blooms that resemble a Monarch Butterfly, this Wild Crocus is sure to be one of the first to pop up and delight in the early spring. Growing to be only 3-4” high, plant this beauty somewhere in front where you can enjoy it!
    More Details
    Item #: AFB3N25

    As Low As $26.95

    Per Bag of 25

    $1.08 / Per Bulb

  8. Dutch Iris Bulbs Lion King

    Lion King’s uniquely-colored blooms make this a must-have for any early summer garden. Light maroon and orange blooms have a hint of yellow and these easy-to-grow bulbs are deer resistant.
    More Details
    Item #: AFB4P15

    SALE: $16.95 $8.48

    Per Bag of 15

    $0.57 / Per Bulb

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8 Item(s)

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