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Indoor Bulb Gardens

Ready to Bloom Flower Bulbs

Your Success GuaranteedNothing says spring like blooming bulbs, and now you can bring the beauty of spring indoors with our new pre-planted bulb pots. If you've ever "forced" bulbs into bloom indoors, you know it normally takes several months of chilling before the bulbs will flower. We've done all the work for you so you can enjoy the fantastic blooms without fuss. The bulbs arrive nestled into their pots, pre-chilled and fully rooted, with sprouts peeking through the soil surface. (In the nursery trade these are called "pre-finished bulbs.") Just place the pots at room temperature and those sprouts will grow quickly and bloom into beautiful flowers, bringing a touch of spring to your home no matter what the weather is outdoors. Bulb pots make welcome gifts, too.

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