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Tulip Flower Bulbs

Tulips are the most popular spring-blooming bulbs!

Your Success Guaranteed No other flower rewards the gardener more lavishly for just putting a bulb into the ground. From jewel-toned miniatures to the dazzle of huge lush doubles, no flower group puts on quite the same show as tulips. Choose from the old favorites to several new introductions or new mixtures. Plant these this fall, and next spring, watch your neighbors turn green with envy.


"I love tulips and daffodils because they mark the end of winter and the beginning of celebrating the outdoors. I've been happy with the bulbs and pricing from American Meadows and will purchase even more for this fall planting." - Maribeth - Nashville, TN

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- Perennial Darwin Tulips - Triumph Tulips - Lily Flowered Tulips - Emperor Tulips - Wildflower Tulips
- Double Late Tulips - Single Late Tulips - Parrot Tulips - Rock Garden Tulips

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Shipping Information: Fall-planted bulbs will start shipping in early September, coldest regions first, and we continue to ship throughout the fall planting season. See our shipping chart for a more detailed estimate on when your order will be shipped.

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