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Gardening Accessories

Garden Accessories for Every Need

Your Success GuaranteedWhether you would like to know the temperatures outside or want a comfortable kneeling pad for weeding, we have plenty of gardening accessories perfect for you or to give as a thoughtful gift to a gardening friend.

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  1. Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snips

    These stainless-steel Pruning Snips have a comfortable, soft grip handle and make deadheading, trimming, and shaping your plants extremely easy! They are perfect for pruning your perennials, harvesting your vegetables, or cutting beautiful blooms to bring inside for bouquets. Made by Fiskars.
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    Item #: FPS0014

    Starting at $18.95

    Per Floral Snips

  2. Transplanting Trowel

    This Transplanting Trowel is lightweight, has a large, comfortable grip and its aluminum construction makes it both durable and rust-proof. With a sharp, serrated edge and clear measurements, this trowel will make any perennial transplant easy! Made by Fiskars.
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    Item #: FTT0002

    Starting at $7.49

    Per Trowel

  3. Handheld Seed Spreader

    Make your wildflower or grass seed plantings easy with this lightweight, handheld seed spreader. It is made from corrosion-resistant material and perfect for small or large plantings. Its easy on-off flow rate adjuster is simple to use and it has a handy rate application chart engraved on the side!
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    Item #: SS20

    Starting at $12.99

    Per Seed Spreader

  4. Trowel

    This Trowel is lightweight, has a comfortable grip and its aluminum construction makes it both durable and rust-proof. Its sharp blade will cut through ground with ease. Made by Fiskars.
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    Item #: FTT0001

    Starting at $7.49

    Per Trowel

  5. Hanging Art Basket

    Create a striking statement in your outdoor space with these Hanging Art Baskets. The colorful hanging containers add a bright splash of color and will compliment your gorgeous flowers or foliage plants wonderfully! The baskets collapse flat for easy storage in the off-season and they come in four unique, bright patterns. A fun, thoughtful gift paired with a flower to plant in it!
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    Item #: HABCON

    Starting at $24.95

  6. Aluminum Cultivator

    Use the Softouch Polished Aluminum Cultivator to cultivate a wide variety of soils. This tool is lightweight, comfortable, and its aluminum construction makes it durable and rust-proof – perfect for weeding your bulb or perennial beds! Made by Fiskars.
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    Item #: FCT0005

    Starting at $7.49

    Per Cultivator

  7. Bypass Pruners

    Prune your perennials with ease with these 8” Bypass Pruners by Bond. The Die cast aluminum construction makes these pruners durable and long-lasting. The adjustable tension safety lock prevents any accidents and the 1/2 inch cutting capacity can cut through the toughest of plants.
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    Item #: BP21

    Starting at $7.99

    Per Pruners

  8. American Meadows T-Shirt

    This cotton, lightweight tee shirt is the perfect attire for a long day in the garden. Coming in all sizes, we’re sure to have the perfect fit for you. Pair this with garden gloves and a pound of wildflower seeds for the perfect garden gift!
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    Item #: AAH8CSH

    Starting at $9.95

    Per T-Shirt

  9. 2 Pocket Hanging Garden

    Love growing fresh vegetables and fruit but don’t have a large garden space? Our 2 Pocket Hanging Garden is space-saving and practical; the two grow pockets are large enough to grow Lettuce and Strawberries and the entire garden can be moved inside easily on cold nights!
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    Item #: 2PHGD

    Starting at $11.55

    Per 2 Pocket Hanging Garden

  10. Garden Gloves

    The Nitrile Garden Gloves are extremely lightweight yet durable, withstanding punctures and small thorns. Whether you are spreading compost, planting, or weeding, these popular gloves will keep your hands both clean and dry. These gloves also make a wonderful gift for the gardener in your life – Choose from small, medium, or large.
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    Item #: NGCON

    Starting at $6.95

  11. 4 Pocket Hanging Garden

    Whether you have acres of land or a small balcony, grow your own food or flowers with our 4 Pocket Hanging Garden! It saves space and makes a wonderful gift when paired with several vegetable or herb packets!
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    Item #: 4PHGD

    Starting at $16.50

    Per 4 Pocket Hanging Garden

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11 Item(s)

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