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Organic Garden Insect Killer

24 Ounce Bottle
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Quick Overview

This Insect Killer is 100% organic and is comprised of natural ingredients that will safely kill and repel garden insects and mites. 24 OZ.

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24 ounce bottle
Organic Garden Insect Killer
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Is It Organic? Yes
Ships to Canada No
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Use this Organic Garden Insect Killer, comprised of Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Thyme Oil, Clove Oil, Water, Mineral Oil, Octadecenoic Acid Potassium Salt, and Lecithin to safely kill and repel garden insects and mites.

It is 100% environmentally safe and works on contact. Chemical – free!

How-To Guides
How to use the Organic Garden Insect Killer:

Shake well before using. Read Entire Label and use accordingly for Homeowners use only. Do not dilute.

- Do not use if temperatures are expect to be over 85F.

- Spray in early morning or even when it is cooler. Do not apply in mid-day sunlight as temporary leaf burn may occur.

- Some plants with tender tissue and/or tender new growth may be sensitive to botanical oils. If not sure, test spray a few leaves 1 day before spraying entire plant. Do not use on plant if leaf burn or spotting is observed.

- Avoid spraying new tender flower blooms.

- Do not use on large trees or where pest populations are inaccessible to reach with spray as inadequate control will result.

Spraying Instructions:

- Turn nozzle to ON SPRAY or ON STREAM position before using.

- Hold container upright while spraying. Hold sprayer 8-12 inches from surface being treated.

- Spray thoroughly to wet upper and lower leaf surfaces, stems and branches where pests are found. Avoid excessive runoff. Repeat as necessary.

- Hard to control pests may require 2-3 applications.

- For best results, apply as soon as pests emerge (usually late spring). Spray every 5-7 days when pests are present. May be applied the same day as harvest.


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