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General Gardening Guides

We've gathered some general gardening information here, such as how to decipher plant names and what it means when a plant is described as "endangered." If you're looking for information specific to a type of plant — say, bulbs or perennials — look under the specific Gardening Guides for detailed articles.

frost dates First Frost Date Chart When will your annual flowers be killed by frost? When will your gardening season end? This chart tells it all by giving you cities coast to coast and their "first killing frost date." Just check out your nearby cities, and you'll know when to expect it will happen.

Fall Planting Late Fall and Winter Planting Times We hear the question all the time: "What's the best time to plant wildflower seeds in fall, in my area?" This article answers the question and more. It also relates wildflower planting to fall bulb planting time--sometimes doing both at once can save a lot of work.

Deer Resistant Plants Deer Resistant Plants Yikes! There's a deer in the garden. Here's some information on how to discourage deer from eating your wildflowers, bulbs and perennials.

About Common Names How did the Forget-me-Not get it's name? And who was Black-Eyed Susan? Common names are fun and confusing. You'll find your Aunt Louise, who knew all about wildflowers, probably made up her own!


About Botanical Names

About Botanical Names Before you move past this article, wait! It's not a complicated subject, and it's in plain English. You need to know this — just the basics. Without it, you can make big mistakes.

Plant Classification and How It Works Back to 8th Grade Biology. We promise this article is not boring or complicated. It's easy to read, and will give you the basic framework you need to understand the wildflowers you're growing.


The Facts About Endangered Plants

The Facts About Endangered Plants Don't believe everything you read...or hear. This is probably the area about wildflowers that includes the most mis-information of all. Here are the facts.


Seed Planting Instructions When Your Perennials Arrive How to coddle your perennial plants from the moment they arrive. Potted plants and roots need special care after a long quick transit. Here's how to start each one right.

Improving Garden Soil What type of soil do you have? And what can you do to maximize its potential?