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  1. No Mow Lawn Grass Seed

    Tired of constantly mowing the lawn? Plant our specially formulated No Mow Lawn Mix for soft, deep-green grass that requires little to no maintenance throughout the spring and summer months. These varieties are also drought-resistant and easy to grow.
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    Item #: AAS5BXX
    Starting at $43.95
  2. Hard Fescue Grass Seeds

    Plant this low-growing, emerald-green grass in a lower maintenance area or turf lawn. It requires little care and is easy to grow, tolerating shade. Hard Fescue is ideal for creating a naturalized area that your mower can’t reach. (Festuca ovina)
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    Item #: AAS2DXX
    Starting at $23.95
  3. Sheep Pasture Seed Mix

    Give your sheep a nutritious and easy-to-grow blend of grasses. This mixture is specially formulated to self-seed each year and provides a low maintenance solution for your pastures.
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    Item #: AAS8PXX
    Starting at $39.95
  4. Low Work and Water Dwarf Fescue Grass Seed

    This low-growing, low-maintenance grass seed mixture is perfect for your lawn. The soft, green grass is extremely durable and tolerates high traffic, making it great for play areas.
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    Item #: AAS6BXX
    Starting at $34.95 SALE: $31.46
  5. Dutch White Clover Seeds

    Dutch White Clover is one of the most popular clovers used in lawns, but also has many other uses. Plant this perennial clover as a cover crop, groundcover, for erosion control or in your pasture mixture. The elegant, white flowers create a sweeping carpet of white. (Trifolium repens)
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    Item #: AAS5DXX
    Starting at $38.95
  6. Chewings Fescue Grass Seeds

    Chewings Fescue is a perennial grass that is extremely easy to grow, tolerating drought, acidic soils and shade. It is commonly used in turf lawns and can be planted on its own or mixed with other fine fescues. (Festuca rubra)
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    Item #: AAS1DXX
    Starting at $15.95
  7. Orchard Grass Seeds

    Orchard Grass is an extremely versatile variety. This low maintenance groundcover is perfect for livestock grazing and can be used for pasture, hay or silage. It is considered one of the best forage grasses and is also used by birds for nesting, broad rearing, escape and winter cover. Orchard Grass is also a great solution for erosion control and can be planted as a cover crop.
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    Item #: AAS5PXX
    Starting at $31.95
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7 Item(s)