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  1. White Clover Seeds

    This legume is a vigorous, easy-to-grow clover that will produce large, white blooms. White Clover is often planted in the western part of the US as both a spring and fall cover crop. Perennial. (Trifolium repens)
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    Item #: TNZ
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    Per 1 Pound

  2. Alsike Clover Seeds

    Similar to Red Clover, this legume is more adaptable to a variety of soil types and is extremely easy to grow in almost any condition. Perennial. (Trifolium hybridum)
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    Item #: TRH
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    Per 5 Pounds

  3. Crown Vetch Seeds

    An extremely fast and aggressive grower, Crown Vetch produces lovely white and purple blooms. This legume should be planted for erosion control in certain hard-to-reach areas, not in places where there are other plants established. Perennial. (Coronilla varia)
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    Item #: COV
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    Per 1/4 Pound

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