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  1. Austrian Winter Pea Seeds

    This cover crop is low-growing and can be planted to help enrich soil, as well as prevent common garden weeds from coming up. It also delights with purple/red blooms. Annual. (Pisum arvense)
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    Item #: PIA
    Starting at $12.95
  2. Annual Rye Grass Seeds

    Annual Rye Grass can be planted as a companion or cover crop to help prevent soil erosion. It is extremely easy and fast to grow. Annual. (Lolium multiflorum)
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    Item #: LOM
    Starting at $7.95
  3. Timothy Grass Seeds

    Plant this bunch grass for a long-lasting, beautiful show of dark green grass with foxtail-like plumes. This grass also will attract wildlife to your lawn or meadow. Perennial. (Phleum pratense)
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    Item #: PHPG
    Starting at $8.95
  4. Smooth Bromegrass Seeds

    Smooth Bromegrass is an easy-to-grow perennial grass with many uses. It can be planted for hay, pasture and silage, as well as used for erosion control and as a groundcover crop. This cool season grass tolerates extreme temperatures, drought, and sandy soils. (Bromus inermis)
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    Item #: AAS3DXX
    Starting at $25.95
  5. Alsike Clover Seeds

    Similar to Red Clover, this legume is more adaptable to a variety of soil types and is extremely easy to grow in almost any condition. Perennial. (Trifolium hybridum)
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    Item #: TRH
    Starting at $29.95 SALE: $25.46
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