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  1. Creeping Red Fescue Grass Seeds

    Plant Creeping Red Fescue for an easy, low-maintenance ground cover. It is beneficial for erosion control and will attract wildlife to your lawn or meadow. Perennial. (Festuca rubra)
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    Item #: FER
    Starting at $15.95
  2. Common Vetch Seeds

    Plant Common Vetch as a groundcover to loosen the soil and add nitrogen. It is also common feed for cattle, horses and rabbit. This cheerful, pink-blooming annual prefers full sun but will tolerate most soil types. (Vicia sativa)
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    Item #: AAS6DXX
    Starting at $12.95
  3. Sheep Fescue Grass Seeds

    Sheep Fescue can be planted for soil modification on hard to reach areas. It will also add a feathery, textured look to any landscape. Perennial. (Festuca ovina)
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    Item #: FEO
    Starting at $8.95
  4. Perennial Rye Grass Seeds

    This cover crop is extremely adaptable and is used for soil stabilization. Perennial Rye Grass is fast-growing and easy to grow. Perennial. (Lolium perenne)
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    Item #: LOP
    Starting at $17.95
  5. Blue Grama Grass Seeds

    Blue Grama can be planted for erosion control and is drought-tolerant. It will also attract wildlife. Perennial. (Bouteloua gracilis)
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    Item #: BOG
    Starting at $11.95
  6. Hairy Vetch Seeds

    Extremely easy to grow and adaptable, this ground cover produces beautiful, bell-shaped purple blooms. Annual or Biennial Legume. (Vicia villosa)
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    Item #: VIV
    Starting at $27.95
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