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  1. Medium Red Clover Seeds

    Medium Red Clover is a legume that is perfect for planting as a cover crop to loosen soil, or to provide nourishment to crops in between seasons. Short-Lived Perennial. (Trifolium pratense)
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    Item #: TRP
    Starting at $7.95 SALE: $6.76
  2. Common Vetch Seeds

    Plant Common Vetch as a groundcover to loosen the soil and add nitrogen. It is also common feed for cattle, horses and rabbit. This cheerful, pink-blooming annual prefers full sun but will tolerate most soil types. (Vicia sativa)
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    Item #: AAS6DXX
    Starting at $12.95 SALE: $11.01
  3. Chewings Fescue Grass Seeds

    Chewings Fescue is a perennial grass that is extremely easy to grow, tolerating drought, acidic soils and shade. It is commonly used in turf lawns and can be planted on its own or mixed with other fine fescues. (Festuca rubra)
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    Item #: AAS1DXX
    Starting at $15.95
  4. No Mow Lawn Grass Seed

    Tired of constantly mowing the lawn? Plant our specially formulated No Mow Lawn Mix for soft, deep-green grass that requires little to no maintenance throughout the spring and summer months. These varieties are also drought-resistant and easy to grow.
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    Item #: AAS5BXX
    Starting at $43.95
  5. Smooth Bromegrass Seeds

    Smooth Bromegrass is an easy-to-grow perennial grass with many uses. It can be planted for hay, pasture and silage, as well as used for erosion control and as a groundcover crop. This cool season grass tolerates extreme temperatures, drought, and sandy soils. (Bromus inermis)
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    Item #: AAS3DXX
    Starting at $25.95
  6. Vernal Alfalfa Seeds

    Vernal Alfalfa can be planted as a cover crop and will attract wildlife to the area. It is extremely drought-tolerant. Perennial. (Medicago sativa)
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    Item #: MES
    Starting at $7.95
  7. Austrian Winter Pea Seeds

    This cover crop is low-growing and can be planted to help enrich soil, as well as prevent common garden weeds from coming up. It also delights with purple/red blooms. Annual. (Pisum arvense)
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    Item #: PIA
    Starting at $12.95
  8. Hairy Vetch Seeds

    Extremely easy to grow and adaptable, this ground cover produces beautiful, bell-shaped purple blooms. Annual or Biennial Legume. (Vicia villosa)
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    Item #: VIV
    Starting at $27.95 SALE: $23.76
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