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USDA Plant Hardiness Zones

To help gardeners understand which plants will grow well for them, the entire USA has been segmented into ‘Plant Hardiness Zones’. Knowing your zone number is helpful when shopping for plants because:

  • Cold-area gardeners can avoid buying plants that simply won’t survive their lowest winter temperatures.
  • Warm-area gardeners can steer clear of plants that need a period of cold weather in order to bloom again.
Find your Plant Hardiness Zone here.

Lobelia is perfect for moist areas in sun or shade

Cardinal flower also known as Lobelia are the hybrids of the wild lobelia most botanists call "America's most vivid wildflower." It lights up moist spots during mid-summer in sun and shade. The tall spires of color add great interest in the garden when most big bloom is finished.

Cardinal Flower

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Light Requirements
  1. Full Sun (2)
  2. Half Sun / Half Shade (5)
  3. Full Shade (3)
Planting Time
  1. Spring / Summer (5)
  2. Fall (1)
Flower Color
Mature Height
18 inches 48 inches (4 feet) 18 inches to 48 inches (4 feet)
Bloom Season
  1. Mid - Late Summer (5)
  1. Deer Resistant (5)
  2. Attract Butterflies (4)
  3. Attract Hummingbirds (5)
  4. Bee Friendly (1)
  5. Fragrant (1)
  6. Cut Flowers (1)
  7. Native (5)
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Soil Type
  1. Clay Soil (5)
  2. Loamy Soil (5)
  3. Moist/Wet Soil (5)
  1. Agastache (3)
  2. Ajuga (4)
  3. Anemone (6)
  4. Aster (6)
  5. Astilbe (11)
  6. Baptisia (2)
  7. Bee Balm (7)
  8. Campanula (4)
  9. Cardinal Flower (5)
  10. Columbine (5)
  11. Coreopsis (11)
  12. Daylily (22)
  13. Dianthus (6)
  14. Echinacea (8)
  15. Euphorbia (3)
  16. Ferns (6)
  17. Foxglove (5)
  18. Hollyhock (6)
  19. Hosta (10)
  20. Hydrangea (7)
  21. Iris (14)
  22. Lamium (3)
  23. Lavender (15)
  24. Lilies (31)
  25. Lungwort (3)
  26. Lupine (2)
  27. Milkweed (5)
  28. Monkshood (1)
  29. Penstemon (3)
  30. Peony (19)
  31. Phlox (7)
  32. Salvia (5)
  33. Sea Holly (3)
  34. Sedum (8)
  35. Shrubs (19)
  36. Thyme (5)
  37. Trillium (5)
  38. Veronica (5)
  39. Vines (14)
  40. Viola (5)
  41. Yarrow (5)
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Planting Time
Flower Color
Mature Height
Bloom Season
Soil Type

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  1. $11.98

    Sale: $7.99

    Per Plant - 3.5" pot

    A spectacular perennial for border and small space gardens, this vibrant Cardinal Flower’s violet blooms steal the show in the late season garden. Strong stems require no staking and this pollinator favorite is sure to attract many winged friends to the garden. We recommend planting somewhere viewable in the garden, as you’ll want to watch the parade of butterflies and bees come to and from. Gorgeous on its own or paired with other Cardinal Flowers, Vedrariensis is a must-have for any perennial garden. Learn More →
  2. $11.98

    Sale: $8.99

    Per Plant - 3" pot

    A great hybrid with flowers in the brilliant fire engine red of the native. Only 36 tall. (Lobelia speciosa) Learn More →
  3. Starting at $11.98

    Sale: $5.99

    Per Plant - 3.5" pot

    Blue Cardinal Flower is a tough, hardy perennial with large leaves and gorgeous, light blue blooms. It is easy to grow and will thrive in either sun or shade. It is perfect for planting in the back of a perennial garden to offset smaller flowers. (Lobelia siphilitica) Learn More →
  4. $11.98

    Sale: $10.99

    Per Plant - 2.5" pot

    Cardinal Flower Queen Victoria is a hybrid of Americas famous wild lobelia with deeper red bloom and dark burgundy foliage. Hummingbirds love them. (Lobelia cardinalis) Learn More →
  5. $11.98

    Sale: $7.99

    Per Plant - 2.5" pot

    A native wildflower Cardinal Flower Rose Princess bears bright, crimson blooms offset by bronze-colored stems and leaves. Rose Princess is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, is deer resistant and grows in any sunny spot. (Lobelia) Learn More →

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