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Our gardening experts have put together unique, easy-to-plant collections for spring. From our practical Deer-Resistant Collection to our sweet Fragrant Collection, find all of our gorgeous spring groupings below. Plant these collections this spring or give as a thoughtful gift to a gardening friend! Each Pre-Planned Garden comes with complete instructions and a garden map.

Pre-Planned Gardens

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USDA Hardiness Planting Zones

To determine if a plant is sufficiently cold hardy, the USDA created numbered zones indicating winter low temperatures; the lower the zone number the colder the winter.

  • If the coldest winter temperature expected in your area is -15°F (zone 5) then any plants rated zones 3-5 will survive the winter temperatures in your area.
  • If you live in very warm winter areas (zones 9-11) plants with zones 3-4 ratings are not recommended. The lack of freezing winter temperatures do not provide a time for winter dormancy (rest).
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Light Requirements
  1. Full Sun (10)
  2. Half Sun / Half Shade (2)
  3. Full Shade (2)
Planting Time
  1. Spring / Summer (12)
Bloom Season
  1. Early - Mid Spring (1)
  2. Mid - Late Spring (2)
  3. Late Spring - Early Summer (9)
  4. Early - Mid Summer (12)
  5. Mid - Late Summer (11)
  6. Early - Mid Fall (9)
  7. Mid - Late Fall (3)
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  1. Deer Resistant (3)
  2. Attract Butterflies (5)
  3. Attract Hummingbirds (1)
  4. Bee Friendly (1)
  5. Fragrant (1)
  6. Cut Flowers (2)
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  1. Agastache (3)
  2. Ajuga (4)
  3. Anemone (8)
  4. Aster (6)
  5. Astilbe (11)
  6. Baptisia (3)
  7. Bee Balm (8)
  8. Campanula (4)
  9. Columbine (6)
  10. Coreopsis (12)
  11. Daylily (22)
  12. Dianthus (6)
  13. Echinacea (9)
  14. Euphorbia (3)
  15. Ferns (10)
  16. Foxglove (6)
  17. Hollyhock (6)
  18. Hosta (12)
  19. Hydrangea (8)
  20. Iris (17)
  21. Lamium (4)
  22. Lavender (16)
  23. Lilies (31)
  24. Lungwort (3)
  25. Lupine (3)
  26. Milkweed (9)
  27. Monkshood (1)
  28. Penstemon (3)
  29. Peony (21)
  30. Phlox (13)
  31. Pre-Planned Gardens (12)
  32. Primrose (3)
  33. Salvia (5)
  34. Sea Holly (3)
  35. Sedum (9)
  36. Shrubs (22)
  37. Thyme (5)
  38. Trillium (5)
  39. Veronica (5)
  40. Vines (15)
  41. Viola (5)
  42. Yarrow (7)
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12 Item(s)

  1. $169.82

    Sale: $110.38

    Per Collection of 18

    If you plant a Monarch Magnet Perennial Garden, they will come! This brilliant arrangement includes vital Butterfly Weeds that are the growing Monarch’s only food source, as well as six essential nectar plants favorited by the adult butterflies. Attract monarchs and bring a vibrant dose of color and beauty to your yard. Learn More →
  2. $150.95

    Sale: $98.12

    Per Collection of 16

    Plant a Butterfly Garden in at least 6 hours of sun to attract your favorite dancing, flitting pollinators. Swallowtails, Fritillaries, Admirals, Painted Ladies and more are all provided for in this colorful, nectar-rich collection of perennial plants. Be sure to leave room for a bench so you can watch the show! Learn More →
  3. $202.18

    Sale: $131.42

    Per Collection of 18

    Butterflies and hummingbirds both rival the complex beauty of flowers - plant attentively and you can have all three! Our Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden takes the guesswork out of attracting these beloved pollinators, with magnetic colors and nectar-rich blooms that work together to provide the perfect habitat. Learn More →
  4. $250.73

    Sale: $162.97

    Per Collection of 23

    Our beautiful, Deer Resistant Garden is the answer to years of customer pain! Feathery grasses are paired with boldly-colored upright plants, while foliage-rich bearded irises artfully fill in the understory. Plant along boundaries to prevent deer from venturing further into your yard. Learn More →
  5. $240.83

    Sale: $156.54

    Per Collection of 23

    Plant a Beautiful Cut Flower Garden and enjoy vase after vase of fresh flowers all season long! Our designer owned her own flower shop for years, and smartly selected plants that produce more blooms whenever cuttings are taken. Create striking, long-lasting bouquets from right outside your door! Learn More →
  6. $239.10

    Sale: $155.42

    Per Collection of 26

    Plant a Fragrant Garden wherever you can breathe in the sweet scents of nature’s favorite perfume. Outside a window, next to your patio, or beside your favorite reading spot, these flowers are known for their pleasant and nostalgic aroma. Best of all, they bloom as a full rainbow of season-long color. Learn More →
  7. $148.23

    Sale: $96.35

    Per Collection of 15

    Simply bursting with color, the Sun Loving Perennial Garden will thrive for years to come in any bright, sunny spot. Follow our in-house designer’s foolproof plan, and these perennial plants will complement one another’s height, color, and foliage with grace. Be ready to take full credit for this inspired style! Learn More →
  8. $163.53

    Sale: $106.29

    Per Collection of 17

    Plant a cool, colorful oasis with a Shade Garden! These perennial plants establish themselves beautifully in spots with less sun, so you can spend more time enjoying unique blooms and striking foliage out of the exhausting summer heat. Discover a world of feathery plumes, mottled foliage and treasured woodland flowers. Learn More →
  9. $239.93

    Sale: $155.95

    Per Collection of 23

    Our Large Shade Garden features vibrant colors and textures that transform your low light areas into inspired wonderlands. Shade-loving superstars like Mophead Hydrangea and Ligularia The Rocket burst forward, while understory perennials provide a backdrop of lush, multicolored foliage and delicate blooms. Learn More →
  10. $272.25

    Sale: $176.97

    Per Collection of 29

    Plant a Drought Tolerant Garden and stop worrying about your watering schedule (and bills!) These tough and colorful plants naturally require less water and have evolved to perform beautifully in hot, dry conditions. Arranged according to our planting map, they present a picture of true garden harmony, even with little rainfall. Learn More →
  11. $204.84

    Sale: $133.15

    Per Collection of 24

    Plant a Late Season Color garden and enjoy end-of-summer blooms covered in dancing pollinators, all the way into fall. As other flowers fade into the landscape, these hardy perennials stand strong and healthy. Colorful, mostly native plants are deliberately arranged to enhance one another’s best features. Learn More →
  12. $218.42

    Sale: $141.97

    Per Collection of 16

    The Early Season Color garden presents a bold palette of blooms that lead the pack of June flowers. Favorite varieties of Forsythia, Lupine and Iris are enveloped by Creeping Phlox, colorful Violas and magical Pulmonarias. When that first early summer night of entertaining arrives - your yard will be party-ready! Learn More →

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12 Item(s)

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