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USDA Hardiness Planting Zones

To determine if a plant is sufficiently cold hardy, the USDA created numbered zones indicating winter low temperatures; the lower the zone number the colder the winter.

  • If the coldest winter temperature expected in your area is -15°F (zone 5) then any plants rated zones 3-5 will survive the winter temperatures in your area.
  • If you live in very warm winter areas (zones 9-11) plants with zones 3-4 ratings are not recommended. The lack of freezing winter temperatures do not provide a time for winter dormancy (rest).
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Light Requirements
  1. Full Sun (4)
  2. Half Sun / Half Shade (3)
Planting Time
  1. Spring / Summer (5)
Flower Color
Mature Height
12 inches 60 inches (5 feet) 12 inches to 60 inches (5 feet)
Bloom Season
  1. Early - Mid Spring (1)
  2. Mid - Late Spring (2)
  3. Late Spring - Early Summer (2)
  4. Early - Mid Summer (4)
  5. Mid - Late Summer (2)
  6. Early - Mid Fall (1)
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  1. Deer Resistant (2)
  2. Attract Butterflies (3)
  3. Attract Hummingbirds (1)
  4. Attract Birds (1)
  5. Bee Friendly (2)
  6. Easy to Grow (2)
  7. Fragrant (1)
  8. Cut Flowers (1)
  9. Containers (1)
  10. Native (1)
  11. Multiple Blooms / Harvest (1)
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Soil Type
  1. Clay Soil (3)
  2. Sandy Soil (2)
  3. Loamy Soil (5)
  4. Drought/Dry Soil (2)
  1. Agastache (1)
  2. Baptisia (1)
  3. Daylily (4)
  4. Echinacea (2)
  5. Foxglove (1)
  6. Hollyhock (1)
  7. Iris (1)
  8. Lilies (5)
  9. Milkweed (2)
  10. Primrose (1)
  11. Vines (1)
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Light Requirements
Planting Time
Flower Color
Mature Height
Bloom Season
Soil Type

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  1. $188.76

    Sale: $75.50

    Per 12 Plants - 3" Pot

    Our Milkweed Collection is comprised of 3 different Milkweed varieties, blooming in shades of pink and orange from early to late summer. Producing a feast of blooms and foliage for pollinators, including monarch butterflies and honey bees, these potted perennials are 100% Neonicotinoid-Free. (Asclepias) Learn More →
  2. $29.98

    Sale: $14.99

    Per Plant - 2.5" pot

    Dwarf Trumpet Vine Summer Jazz Fire is the perfect climber for adding a privacy screen without taking over the area. Gorgeous red-orange trumpet shaped blooms perform all summer long. Plant in a sunny spot or in a container where it can climb. (Campsis radicans) Learn More →
  3. $18.98

    Sale: $9.49

    Per Plant - 3.5" pot

    Natchez Trace’s Bearded Iris has fragrant ruffled orange blooms, making them a must-have for the mid-spring garden and cut for early season bouquets. This iris’ swordlike foliage is attractive throughout the season, adding texture even when the plant is finished blooming. Plant in a formal garden or naturalize for a colorful spring show. Deer resistant. (Iris germanica) Learn More →
  4. $9.98

    Sale: $4.99

    Per Plant - 3" pot

    Primrose Daniella Apricot has cheerful apricot colored petals with a red halo and green center that will greet you in early spring and bloom until fall. This primrose will infuse welcome color in your shade gardens. Plant Daniella Apricot in containers to brighten up patios. (Primula acaulis) Learn More →
  5. $21.98

    Sale: $10.99

    Per Bag of 1

    Reblooming Daylily Irresistible Charm is a large blooming variety, stealing the summer show with large, 7” bright orange flowers. This super blooming Daylily also provides long-lasting color, offering 500 blooms in the mid and late season garden. The ruffled blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Easy to grow, deer resistant and drought tolerant. (Hemerocallis) Learn More →

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5 Item(s)

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