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Woodland Wildflowers

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  1. Jack in the Pulpit

    Jack in the Pulpit boasts unusual, hooded green blooms with an upright spadix, known as the “Jack,” inside each bloom. The blooms evolve to produce brilliantly-red berries. A truly stunning, unique plant for the shade garden. (Ariseama triphyllum)
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    Item #: 1ARISG
    Starting at $18.95 SALE: $12.32
  2. Blackberry Lily

    Neither a blackberry nor a lily, this plant produces iris-like leaves topped by orange flowers with red spots, followed by seed pods containing berry-like seeds. (Belamcanda chinensis)
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    Item #: 9WF3

    SALE: $18.95 $12.32

    Per Bag of 3

    $4.11 / Per Root

  3. Virginia Bluebells

    Virginia Bluebell’s gorgeous flowers start out as lovely, pastel pink buds and open up into vivid, true blue blooms. This native plant increases in size each year with almost no care. (Mertensia virginica)
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    Item #: 1MERTG
    Starting at $15.95
  4. Solomon's Seal

    Elegantly arching stems have light green leaves; in spring, pairs of fragrant, creamy white, bell-shaped flowers bloom along the stems. (Polygonatum multiflorum)
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    Item #: 10WF3

    SALE: $21.95 $14.27

    Per Bag of 3

    $4.76 / Per Root

  5. Wild Spiderwort

    This gorgeous woodland flower boasts unique, vivid purple flowers that are famous for having just three petals each. Wild Spiderwort was one of the treasures of the New World taken home by an early British Plant Explorer. (Tradescantia subaspera)
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    Item #: 2TRADG
    Starting at $15.95
  6. Turk's Cap Lily Bulbs

    A truly classic addition to your summer garden. This lily has extremely fragrant, showy scarlet red flowers with black spots--each stem can produce up to 20 blooms. (Lilium pumilum)
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    Item #: 24LILYG
    Starting at $21.95 SALE: $16.47
  7. Black Cohosh

    This tall native will form spectacular colonies in your woodland with soaring white candles of flowers. (Cimicifuga racemosa)
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    Item #: 1CIMG
    Starting at $14.95
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7 Item(s)

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