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  1. Oak Leaf Hydrangea Ruby Slippers

    Found in the US National Arboretum, this stunning Hydrangea’s white blooms quickly change to pink, followed by a ruby-red in the late season. The oak-like leaves add extra drama to this easy-to-grow variety. (Hydrangea quercifolia)
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    Item #: ASL7M41

    SALE: $29.95 $22.47

    Per Plant - 4" pot

  2. Astilbe japonica Deutschland

    Deutschland’s pure white plumes illuminate the shade garden. This favorite Astilbe gets its name from Germany, where it was hybridized. Try pairing with any fern for a gorgeous, contrasting look. (Astilbe japonica)
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    Item #: 30PERG
    Starting at $21.95 SALE: $16.47

    Per Bag of 3

  3. Lily of the Valley

    Easy to grow from tiny roots called pips, Lily of the Valley is a much-loved, old-fashioned groundcover for shade. Enjoy the richly scented blossoms. (Convallaria majalis)
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    Item #: 1CONV15

    SALE: $23.95 $17.97

    Per Bag of 15

  4. Foxglove Pam's Choice

    Pam's Choice is the white version of Digitalis mentonensis, rounding out a full palette of garden foxgloves. (Digitalis purpurea)
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    Item #: 62PER

    SALE: $9.95 $6.47

    Per Plant - 3" pot

  5. Bugbane Atropurpurea

    This fragrant, unique beauty boasts dark, coppery purple foliage and long, stout-flowering spikes with white blossoms. It thrives in partial shade and is a great addition to your woodland garden. (Actaea simplex)
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    Item #: 1ACT

    SALE: $19.95 $14.97

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5 Item(s)

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