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When to Plant Flower Bulbs: Tropical

Optimum Planting Time: December 1st - January 31st
USDA Hardiness Zones: 10

Region "H" — Tropical

Your climate seldom if ever gets a frost and has hot humid summers. It is the ideal climate for a vast assortment of summer-blooming, tropical bulbs, but not particularly hospitable to the traditional hardy spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips.

General Instructions:
The range of lush tropical bulbs available to you is mind-boggling ("to die for" as some Northerners would say!). But hardy spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips are a fish out of water, in your neck of the woods. Still, if you crave seeing tulips in spring, check out your local garden retailer or florist for pots of nursery-grown tulips and other traditional spring bloomers.

Special Note: The group of bulbs below are from warmer climates that do not require much if any cooling. Hippeastrum (amaryllis) -- which thrive in hot, humid climates -- make perfect 'tulips for the south' with their sturdy stems and large velvety flowers in a broad range of colors (including stripes!). In general, in areas where the garden isn't far above sea level, raised beds can improve drainage after hot, humid, summer storms.

A Sampling of Flower Bulbs for Perennializing: (return for several years)

A Sampling of Bulbs for Naturalizing: (return & multiply)

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