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Seed Packet Personalization

Flower Seed Packets

Customizing is easy for Weddings, Business or Club names, Mailings or Meetings

To keep the prices reasonable, we do not print custom names or logos on our seed packets. (Unless a customer has a need for up to 5,000 packets. If you're interested in a custom packet, email Mike Lizotte and he'll be happy to help you.)

With many of our packets (check the individual packet you're interested in on the listing page; not all can be customized), you can customize, and it's very easy to do. You'll notice most all the packets have our rectangular logo panel on the front. That space is designed so you can customize it by applying Avery pressure-sensitive labels that you print on any computer, with any names, date, event name, or any other information you like (see photos below).

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Here's how it works. The labels that fit perfectly are the 1/2" x 1-3/4" version made by the popular label-manufacturer, Avery. It is label number #5267 (white, not transparent), there are 80 labels per sheet, and you simply purchase as many sheets as you think you'll need for your event. They're available both online and at any office supply store, are compatible with virtually any computer's word-processing program (enabling you to print in any type face or color your choose), and are easily affixed directly from the printed sheet to the seed packet.

UPDATE: We recently received the following great tip from one of our customers, Lauren Antonioli. (Congratulations to you and your husband, Lauren!)

"I wanted to say how happy I am with the 'Wildflowers from our wedding' packets. My wedding is in April and I am sure they will be a hit. Your website mentioned the Avery labels to buy to personalize them, but I found a better alternative. SuperiorLabels.com sells labels that are that exact same size, and instead of an address you can type in your names and wedding date — it looks great! They also are less expensive than the Avery labels, you get the amount you need, and they come pre-printed. I bought 300 for $5.95 with shipping! I just thought you might want to share that information with your other customers. Thanks!" ~ Lauren A.

Photo above left shows computer labels you can easily make. Photo below shows before and after result.

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