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Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds

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Quick Overview

The famous "butterhead" lettuce has buttery-flavored leaves held in loose "heads" with particularly tasty centers.
Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds, Lactuca sativa, Lettuce
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Common Name Lettuce
Botanical Name Lactuca sativa
How to Grow Direct Sow
Planting Depth 1/4 inch
Planting Time Cool Season
Seed Spacing 1 inch
Row Spacing 15 inches
Space After Thinning 6-8 inches
Days to Germination 7-14
Days to Harvest 40-60
Ways to Grow Containers, Small Gardens
In the Kitchen Salads
Ships As Seed
Prohibited In N/A
Neonicotinoid-Free Yes - Learn More
Ships to Canada Yes
Our Master Gardeners Suggest Pairing With:
This is the one with flavorful "butterhead type" heads of lettuce--the loosely held "head lettuce," actually somewhere between "head" and "leaf lettuce." It has a buttery flavored taste and broad green leaves. The best part is the center heart of folded leaves and their tender ribs.

When and Where to Plant: Lettuce is a cool-weather crop. Select a sunny location, cultivate and fertilize soil with vegetable food. Plant in early spring as soon as soil can be worked. Sow seed sparingly, firming soil over row. Repeat at 2 week intervals as long as weather is cool – spring and fall. For earliest crop start seeds indoors.
Care: Water lightly and regularly. Protect from pests.
Harvesting: Pull entire plant or cut off 1-2"/3-5 cm. above ground.

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