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Wildflower Facts

What is a Wildflower

What is a Wildflower? Sounds simple, doesn't it? But a clear definition becomes important when you're actually growing them. Don't confuse "wildflower" with "native". They're not the same.


The History of Wildflowers Some of our most common wildflowers are some of the most ancient plants on earth. Here's how we arrived at today's botanical diversity, with pioneers from Ancient Greece onward who led the way.

How Wildflowers Got Their Names

How Wildflowers Got Their Names Your friends will think you have a botany degree after reading this short article. Who organized all this stuff? There's medieval magic lurking in today's plant names. Enjoy.


About Common Names How did the Forget-me-Not get it's name? And who was Black-Eyed Susan? Common names are fun and confusing. You'll find your Aunt Louise, who knew all about wildflowers, probably made up her own!


All About Earth Day

All About Earth Day Did you know there are two Earth Days? Actually, there are two dates when the international environmental holiday is celebrated---April 21st and March 20th. With either date, "Earth Day" turns 40 this year, and there is still a controversy over exactly when it began and by whom it was created.

About Botanical Names

About Botanical Names Before you move past this article, wait! It's not a complicated subject, and it's in plain English. You need to know this--just the basics. Without it, you can make big mistakes.


Plant Classification and How It Works Back to 8th Grade Biology. We promise this article is not boring or complicated. It's easy to read, and will give you the basic framework you need to understand the wildflowers you're growing.


Wildflower Families

Wildflower Families Your Aunt Jessie who "knew her plants" was probably all wrong about this. Flower Families are not what you may think they are. This short article makes it all perfectly clear.


Herbal and Medicinal Wildflowers A quick look at the basics of Medicinal Plants from the Mysteries and Magic of the Middle Ages, through American Indian lore to today's booming Herbal Medicine industry. Echinacea, anyone?


The Facts About Endangered Plants

The Facts About Endangered Plants Don't believe everything you read...or hear. This is probably the area about wildflowers that includes the most mis-information of all. Here are the facts.


Problem Plants: Noxious Weeds, Invasive Wildflowers Is it invasive? Prohibited? Regulated? CNN and your favorite magazine have put out lots of incorrect information on this subject. You need the facts.


Wildflower Folklore

Wildflower Folklore That plant is deadly poison!" "If you eat that flower, you'll be beautiful." Read the famous Legends of Love, Indian lore, and other things in this fascinating area of wildflower info.


Wildflower Glossary

Wildflower Glossary Here's all you need to use any wildlfower field guide, reference book, or plant catalog. It's not a big deal, and there aren't that many terms, but without them, you can be lost.