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Midwest Wildflower Seeds

All of the seed that we sell at American Meadows is lab tested to ensure the highest purity and germination possible. We do not buy or sell ANY genetically modified seeds (GMO).

We have hundreds of different Mixtures and Species for you to choose from for the Midwest region. Learn More »
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Midwest Region:

Seeds selected for IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, OH, WI and the Province of Ontario

The Wildflowers of the Midwest

America's heartland is a combination of the ecosystems of the Great Plains and parts of the grand deciduous forests that extend into the northeast and mid-Atlantic states. Long known as the "breadbasket" of the world, the American midwest is the greatest agricultural region on the planet, and its rich soils and growing conditions make it a wonderful place to garden with wild flowers.

Optimum planting times for the region are mid-March to mid-May in spring, although you can plant as late as mid-June. Fall planting in October and November is also successful in all but the coldest regions.

Our Proven Wildflower Seeds Mixture for the Midwest is one of our richest mixes of native and naturalized flower seeds, featuring the world-famous wildflowers from the plains regions, such as Purple Coneflower, Blue Flax and Black-eyed Susan. Our All-Native Mix for the Midwest is a premium blend of even more wildflower species native to the region.

Over the last 25 years, we have helped literally millions of wildflower gardeners in the Midwest establish wildflower meadows they will enjoy for years.


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  1. Cornflower or Bachelor Button Seeds Patriot Mix

    Looking to create a bold statement in your meadow or garden this year? Our Cornflower Patriot Mixture blooms in red, white and blue, perfect to plant for your 4th of July celebration or any time of the season. So easy to grow, this Cornflower Mixture will grow in any sunny spot.
    More Details
    Item #: AAS1KXX
    Starting at $5.95
  2. Zinnia Seeds Polar Bear

    Large, white blooms contrast with golden centers and gorgeous, bright green foliage. Zinnia Polar Bear creates an elegant statement in the meadow and can be planted on its own or paired with other Zinnia varieties such as Red Queen for a dramatic look. Annual.
    More Details
    Item #: ZEPBG
    Starting at $14.95
  3. Cosmos Seeds

    So easy to grow and so reliable, annual cosmos lights up in midsummer and blooms continuously until frost. You’ll have plenty of blooms for cutting, too. A perfect addition to any custom blend. Annual.
    Looking for Cosmos seeds in packets?
    More Details
    Item #: COSG
    Starting at $8.95
  4. Cape Daisy Seeds

    Elegant, pure white petals are offset by deep purple eyes, making for a dramatic statement. Cape Daisy is a butterfly magnet and the cheerful flowers are great for bouquets! (Annual)
    More Details
    Item #: OSEKG
    Starting at $19.95
  5. Cosmos Seeds Sea Shells Mix

    Create a unique splash of color in your meadow with Cosmos Seashells. Each petal is shaped like a seashell and will ignite the garden in just weeks after planting. The gorgeous, contrasting colors and unique shape are a true conversation starter and must-have for the wildflower gardener! Annual
    More Details
    Item #: CBSSG
    Starting at $16.95
  6. Baby's Breath Seeds

    Not the florist favorite, but the single wild form. First bloom in mixtures: "White lace on your meadow." Annual.
    Looking for Baby's Breath seeds in packets?
    More Details
    Item #: GYPG
    Starting at $5.95
  7. Cosmos Seeds Purity

    The pristine white cosmos, "Purity" makes a heavenly cloud-like background in the garden. 3-5 ft. Annual.
    More Details
    Item #: CBPUG
    Starting at $9.95
  8. Cosmos Seeds Candystripe

    One of the "new" cosmos hybrids, "Candystripe" with loads of flowers in deep pink and white. Annual.
    More Details
    Item #: CBCSG
    Starting at $18.95
  9. Cosmos Seeds Dwarf Mix

    Some people just don't want their cosmos growing up to 6 ft, so this mix has all the colors, 2-4' tall. Annual.
    More Details
    Item #: CSDG
    Starting at $15.95
  10. Creeping Daisy Seeds

    "Creeping Daisy" grows to only about 6 to 12", and forms a blooming mat. Annual.
    More Details
    Item #: CPCDG
    Starting at $32.95
  11. Cosmos Seeds Daydream

    "Daydream" is pastel & deep pink, with center flares and dark pink veins. 3 to 5 ft. tall. Annual.
    More Details
    Item #: CBDDG
    Starting at $12.95
  12. Cosmos Seeds Picotee

    "Picotee" is a newer version everyone loves. White with rosy red edging on petals. Grows to only 4 ft. Annual.
    More Details
    Item #: COPG
    Starting at $17.95
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