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Covered Seed Starting Tray

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Use this earth-friendly Covered Seed Starting Tray to start your vegetable or flower garden indoors. Plant in a sunny spot indoors and once your ground temperatures are warm enough, simply plant the pellets in the ground! Includes 10 pellets a dome, and complete instructions for use. Made by Jiffy.

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10 Pack
Covered Seed Starting Tray
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This kit comes with everything (besides seed) that you need to start your vegetable or flower garden indoors! The Covered Seed Starting Tray, made by Jiffy, includes 10 peat pots, a dome, and complete instructions for use.
How-To Guides
How to use your Windowsill Greenhouse:

1. Expand peat pellets by gradually adding warm water, about 1 ¾ cups to base tray. Pour off excess water when pellets are fully expanded (about 1-1 ½ inches)

2. Gently pull back netting on top of pellets. Fluff and level surface peat. Sow 2-3 seeds per pellet. Cover lightly with peat. Place dome on tray and keep in a warm location, away from direct sunlight.

3. When first seeds sprout, prope dome open. When all seeds have sprouted, remove dome and place in a sunny location. After first true leaves appear, cut back all except strongest seedling in each pellet.

4. Add water to tray when pellets turn light brown. Do not over water.

5. To harden off plants, place in shade outside for several days (bring plants in at night). Gradually expose to full sunlight.

6. To transplant, dig holes deep enough to cover tops of pellets. Gently firm soil around pellet. Water.



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