by Ray Allen

We just arranged to have four of the most famous "species tulips" in our Fall Bulb Sale, ongoing now on the website. Most gardeners don't know that the original tulips, the wildflowers of the bunch, are small little gems that occur naturally in Central Asia, all the way from Iran into eastern Europe. And wild daffodils hail from Spain and Portugal. It's hard to believe these little flowers have been hybridized into the flashy big tulips and daffodils we all know and love, but the Dutch have been at it for centuries. The photo at left shows four of the most famous "wild" tulips we now have in the Bulb Dept. And by the way, all the "wild" bulbs we have are not really wild at all. They're the originals, but they're all produced in Holland, never gathered from the wild in their native lands. Enjoy!
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