by Ray Allen

Lupinus lupine. These two photos are from John St. John, a member in New Hampshire. Mr. St. John planted our wild perennials last year, and this summer, he's enjoying the bloom, species by species. He writes, "In June it was the Lupines. In July, it's the Daisies. I can't wait for what happens next!" His backyard meadow is a perfect example of how our wildflower seed mixtures work. The species are planned for a succession of bloom. The Wild Blue Lupine blooms in June, and then in July, Gloriosa Daisies, which normally bloom that month, filled the exact same space in the meadow, right on schedule. That's how it's supposed to work, and we thank Mr. St. John for sharing his great photos of success. (By the way, "next" is probably Purple Coneflower, which blooms in August.).
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