by Ray Allen

The Poet's Daffodil Did you know that daffodils are still common in the wild?  Well, the ancestral home of many favorite daffodil species is the Ukraine, and a famous valley there has been protected.  This is the homeland of the very famous "Poet's Daffodil", sometimes called "Old Pheasant's Eye".  A newer version of it is "Actaea."  It's most famous since this is the one always associated with Narcissus, the arrogant handsome youth from Greek mythology.  He's the unfortunate one who gave the name to the "Narcissus complex," and he's the beginning of what we all call "narcissistic" men.  However, his flower is incredible, and they're still there in the wild--acres of them!  The official Site of The Ukraine tells you all about "The Valley of the Narcissi".  Be sure to scroll down to see the unbelievable photos. Click here to go to the incredible Valley of the Narcissi.
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