by Ray Allen

Photo by Don PaulsonAt long last, the blog I kept for several years is active again.  Here, you'll find posts about various things that happen at, information from and about our outstanding staff, and mostly, things for our loyal Members, now over 50,000 strong--new products, gardening info, and more.  Our website is now visited by up to 9,000 people a day, which is really amazing to me.  We all work hard to make the site interesting and useful, but I still have trouble imagining a crowd of gardeners--say 5 or 6,000--all together at American Meadows.  It's really exciting, and we love it.  But it also gives us real responsibiltiy.  I can only promise that I and my able staff will do everything we can to help you enjoy your hobby--gardening.  Did you know, gardening is still the fastest growing hobby in the US?  And that interest in growing wildflowers is one of the fastest-growing segments of that fastest-growing hobby?  That's what the pros at The National Gardening Assn. tell us, and they ought to know, since they do a Harris Poll each year and get detailed information from thousands of gardeners nationwide.  So here we are with an all-new blog. I hope you'll come back often, and I'll do my best to make it as interesting and useful for you as I can.  Ray Allen,
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