by Ray Allen

Bold PretenderSince we're wildflower enthusiasts, we're not as fixated on the "new" as most gardening sites, but who can resist the latest and greatest?  Right now, there is a new info page on our site called "What's new" showing just 20 of the new things in our Perennial and Spring Bulb Departments, now on sale for spring. My favorite is the red Louisiana Iris "Bold Pretender" that you see here, since it's been created from a North American wildflower. If you don't know the Louisiana Irises, you're really missing something.  They are some of the world's largest-flowered irises, with a truly handsome flatter flower than most. Originally they weren't hardy much into the north, but the hybridizers have fixed all that, and many of their new hybrids are hardy up to Zone 6 or even 5.  They're big tall plants in the iris group, and especially, if you have a wet spot, they're perfect. (Wet ground is not a requirement, but it helps.) Happy Gardening...with the old and the new.

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