by Ray Allen

Earthday Seed PacketApril 22 is the date most people recognize, but there's another one.  When you do the research, you learn that April 22 is the date used by Sen. Gaylord Nelson, the man who is often said to be the "Founder of Earth Day", based on the first celebration 37 years ago.  But an activist editor called John McConnell has always claimed that "I founded Earth day on March 21, 1970."  Mr. McConnell's group is also the one that designed the famous "Earth Flag."   Both dates have major supporters.  You can read all about it in a new article we've just created at, "All About Earth Day."  Whichever date you choose to support, the meaning and results are the same--both are totally dedicated to environmental awareness. 

The photo is our new "Happy Earthday" packet.  This one and another of our exclusive designs which features a flowery globe are both favorites for handouts on Earth Day.....either or both Earth Days! The packets cost just .50 each, less if you buy over 200.  Happy Earth Day! 
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