by Ray Allen

You may know that the gracious First Lady who was famous for championing wildflowers passed away some time ago in Texas.  But right now, she's being remembered grandly at the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C.  Read all about it here.  We were proud to help the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center create the beautiful seed packets they're handing out.  If you can get to Washington, you'll love visiting the spectacular exhibition.  It features native plants from every US region, plus a large fountain inscribed with Lady Bird's quotes on nature and the environment.  Mrs. Johnson wrote us a congratulatory letter when we began our Wildflower Business back in the early eighties, and it was always a treasured display shown to our hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years.  When you see wildflowers along any highway anywhere in the country, now, they're there only because this great lady taught the whole country to love them. 
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