by Ray Allen


Did you know there are over 20,000 hybrid daylilies in the world?  Well, there are, and more and more arrive every year.  Since we now have our perennials up for spring delivery, and they're now selling in our Advance Sale at half price *, I've been hard at work writing about them all.  This year, we have 130 more than last, which makes the grand total a whopping 359.  With all the variety, some of my big favorites are still the daylilies.  This year, we have a choice of 18, mostly old reliables, plus some incredible newcomers.

I've always been knocked out by "Canadian Border Patrol" (upper left in the combo photo above) with its dark edging and neat contrast colors.  But this year, another new "dark drama daylily" is aptly named "Night Beacon"--almost black with bright yellow centers that look like spotlights.  Then there's one called "Pandora's Box" which is cream colored with flame red throats--a real beauty.  And I also particularly like "South Seas", a big new daylily with a mix of tropical colors in its flowers--from mango to scarlet to gold.  It's easy to see why the daylily is the most popular perennial of them all.

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