by Ray Allen

Prod_DaffodilGoldSilverMedalist Prod_TulipRedHotMix

Of course, we still have all the classics and then some. But just look at what's new for fall planting!

An incredible new tulip called "Bleu Aimable" and a mix called "Red Hot" are my favorites of scores of new bulbs from Holland this fall. And as for daffodils, "Misty Glen" with its green eye is back, and just look at one of our new double daffodil mixes, called "Gold and Silver Medalist."

Among the favorites in our 09 selection of Darwin Hybrid Tulips, known as the "perennial tulips", there are also new colors. "Design Impression" has all the size and height of  famous "Pink Impression", but with a spectacular new flaming of melon with streaks of gold. And for the first time, we have what many gardeners have been asking for: Classic Daffodils and Tulips together.


It's our new "All in One Mix" with the No. 1 favorite Daffodil, Dutch Master, mixed with tulips in reds, purples, whites, and bi-colors. "All in One" is the essence of spring, and since it all blooms together, the experts have done the work for you.  Just order, plant and enjoy.

As for Amaryllis, take a look at new "Elvas" --a stunning new double with deep red striping. Of course, there are new Alliums, Hyacinths, Crocus and all the rest.  It's the biggest selection ever, so Visit now and reserve your fall bulbs for big savings.  Shipping begins in early September.

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