by Ray Allen

Hydrangea "Red Sensation"In working up the products for our all-new list of Flowering Shrubs for fall shipment, I learned a lot. 

I knew there were several kinds of hydrangeas (some native), but the big news in recent years is about the colors.  Among the "mopheads", the most popular group, everyone has seen the pastel pink and stunning blue hydrangeas in pots for gift-giving on Easter and Mother's Day.  But recently, we've been offered red.  There are a whole group of new hybrids with names like "Lady in Red", "Red Sensation", and "Cardinal Red" since in the world of hydrangeas, red is hot and new.  Some of these open white and age to "red."  Others like "Red Sensation" (photo above),  the one with the best "real red" reputation, open really red, and age to purplish red in fall.  "Lady in Red" is all about the leaves, stems, and somewhat about the flowers--but the big deal with this one seems to be red stems and red veins in edgy heartspurplish leaves.  Some "red" hybrids are said to be just dark versions of the old pink, and not red at all.  So be careful when you choose.  Another fantastic development is "picoteed" hydrangeas, which are new to me!  Take a look at Hydrangea "Edgy Hearts" from Proven Winners at left. Beautiful!

The Hydrangea Website.  For hydrangea information on all types and colors, visit "Hydrangeas! Hydrangeas!."  It's a great source. Click here.

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