by Ray Allen

Honey Bee Asclepsia

You may have heard that over the last few years, our gardening friends, the honey bees, have been disappearing.  It didn't seem that important at first, but at this point, it's developing into something that could lead to a real environmental crisis.  During the last 3 years, a full 1/3 of the bee population in the United States has disappeared! Scientists talk mostly about how alarming this is for food crops, but as a flower gardener, you should be concerned too.  After all, without pollinators, no food or flower plant can produce seeds and propagate itself.  Think about it. The entire system that supports our healthy forests, grasslands, farms and gardens is undergoing great change. 

No one's sure why it's happening, but some of the best research is going on at the University of California at Davis.  Here's their "Bee" page for the latest information.  And to help out the bees, we at American Meadows have created a new super-colorful quick-bloom mixture of wildflowers that you can plant to do your part--and we'll make a donation toward Bee Research with every order.  Meanwhile, these nectar-rich flowers will make the daily work bees do easier in your area, and lessen the stress on nearby hives. 

So take a look at our new "Save the Honey Bees Seed Mixture"  --it works well in all regions--and visit our Bee Info page here, to enjoy a fascinating video about bees from "Nature" on PBS.  Most important, keep your garden colorful and in bloom.  It helps.

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