by Ray Allen

Here comes your best garden ever.  It's every gardener's nice warm hope during the cold winter months.  Just wait'll next year! Well, in 2010, we'll do all we can to make it happen for you.  For starters, right now all our Spring Bulbs and Perennials are on the site at a whopping 50% Off.*("Crazy Love" above), old glads and spectacular lilies come true right now...and save big. As for perennials,  if you need some really high-powered fill-ins this year, try our new Five Foolproof Favorites. 1.  Rudbeckia Goldsturm, the best-ever perennial Black-eyed Susan, 2. The McKana Giant Columbines in mixed colors, 3. Sedum "Autumn Joy," always great for fall color, 4. Geranium sangunieum, or "Bloody Cranesbill," the perennial geranium that never stops blooming, and last but not least, 5. Bleeding Heart, the all-time favorite for shady spots. These are all can't-miss must-haves.  And remember, today everything for spring is half price. Now's the time. Happy New Year and Happy Gardening! *At the time of this posting
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