by Ray Allen

At American Meadows, we’ve been adding new products fast and furiously for spring–hundreds of new perennials, bulbs, and flower seeds. One group that’s already getting a lot of attention is our new, expanded selection of varieties of Cosmos seeds.  Everybody loves cosmos, of course, and if your grandmother grew them (and surely she did), she knew they were really beautiful, super-easy to grow from seed, and great for cutting.  Today’s gardeners love them too, and they're still great for the back of the border or in wildflower meadows, where they keep a field of annuals in full color right up until frost. But now, lots of gardeners think the old cosmos mixtures in pink, white and wine red grew a bit too tall for most flower gardens--sometimes up to 6 or 7 ft.

Well, all that’s changed.  The hybridizers have been at work, and there are all kinds of cosmos out there today.  Not only are the new beauties shorter than the old, they’re all dressed up with new bi-colored blooms, real reds, pure white and more.  (The small photos above show a few, l. to r., "Picotee" (also shown in large photo at top), the stunning new red "Dazzler," "Daydream," "Candystripe," the famous old "Orange Cosmos" and the new, shorter pristine white "Purity." )  Best of all, even though the plants may be shorter, most of the flowers are still big and beautiful–up to 4 or even 5 inches in diameter.  To see them all, just  click here.  And yes, they’re all just as easy to grow as the older varieties.  You’ll love them in the garden and in your vase–all summer long.

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