by Ray Allen

We're putting all kinds of new things on the site at American Meadows to make sure you have a really wide choice for this spring and summer.  New flower seeds, vegetable seeds, new spring bulbs, and lots and lots of new perennials. Here are some of my favorite new spring plants: That photo above is a new Double Columbine with a silly name, "Double Winky Red."  But just imagine that beauty in your garden! (We have a new blue one like it, too....and yes, that one's called "Double Winky Blue." Over in the Spring Bulb Department, take a look at one of the new Dahlias, Callas and Glads. The incredible dahlia at the right is named "Fire Pot," and that name makes perfect sense.  Imagine these fiery beauties, blooming for you from midsummer to fall...each flower, at least 6 inches across! In the Perennials and Lilies Dept, we have several new Clematis entries to join our already long list.  My fave is an antique, called "Belle of Woking."  It's a double, and it's fascinating that it was introduced by the famous Jackman and Son nursery in England in 1876 and is still one everybody wants.  Does the nursery name sound familiar?  Well, if you're a clematis fancier, it ought to, since the far-and-away No. 1 Clematis in the world is called Clematis Jackmanii, the popular purple one introduced by the same nursery, the same family business.  The Jackmans, fathers and sons, operated that nursery for four generations, finally closing in 1967.  Imagine the pleasure just this one family brought to gardeners!  And where was the nursery established?  In the town of Woking, near London.  I'm wondering who the "Belle" was...can't find that anywhere.  But she must have been really beautiful!  Pay us a visit soon at American Meadows, and browse these and hundreds's going to be a really beautiful spring!
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