by Mike Lizotte

Last fall I received an e-mail from Roy Deboer, expressing his interest in a wildflower planting at his local church in New Jersey. One of their objectives was to create a habitat for attracting butterflies and there is no better way that with a wildflower meadow. Coincidentally, we sell a lot of seed to churches as they’re often looking for low-cost ways to decorate and maintain their extensive grounds. They chose an area of about 12,500 sq. feet and started preparing the area in the Fall of 2009, anticipating an early spring planting. He was kind enough to share his step by step process in a series of photo’s that can be seen below. They used a two-step preparation with Round-up in the fall and tilling in the spring. They sowed in early April and, similar to our golf course planting, there is no irrigation so Roy is relying only on Mother Nature for water. Fortunately they had a cool, wet spring which caused slow progression early on, but made things really pop once temperature warmed! What a great display! It’s been a continuous array of color; from the early annual Baby’s Breath, Cornflower, Baby Blue Eyes, Catchfly, California Poppies and Red Poppies to the Queen Anne's Lace, Coreopsis, Gaillardia and Sunflowers just starting to open. Stay tuned for updates that I’ll share from Roy throughout the summer! The Seed Man! [slide]
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