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With an estimated 20 million white tailed deer in the U.S., there are more deer than the populations of every U.S. state except California and Texas. What does that mean? It means that they're grossly under-represented in Congress and that there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed wandering our meadows, woods and yards!

One of the most common searches on our site and questions on the phone is "What can I plant that's deer resistant?" We usually suggest fake Christmas trees. All kidding aside, deer are grazers and will nibble just about anything. They especially enjoy tender shoots and buds, which can ruin emerging plants.

So what's the answer? I remember as a kid, my barber would collect the cut hair and give them to a local orchard owner. With ingenuity that would make Martha Stewart proud, the apple grower would stuff the hair in pantyhose and hang them from the trees. I'd propose that for most of us, that's probably not the answer.

The reality is that few plants are truly deer-proof, although some are just less tasty than others. We usually point people to this article on deer written by the founder of American Meadows, Ray Allen. One great feature of our website is the ability to filter products by attributes, including deer resistance. Simply use the filters in the left hand column and select Deer Resistance under Suggested Uses. You can further filter by your zone, favorite color, and other attributes.

To see our deer resistant offerings in each category, simply click on one of the following links. But remember, hungry deer are hard to keep at bay and you may want to combine these plants with a deer repellant, available at most hardware stores.

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